We choose the right specialist, materials, and approach for every project, whether for short or long-term projects. Redak Rope Access can perform a multitude of activities in different industries. Whether at height, depth, above water, in confined spaces or in other hard-to-reach places. 

We can also carry out repetitive work for you. Think of periodic maintenance or cleaning. In the past, buildings were mostly rectangular and simply built, but the current architecture with its special shapes and choice of materials sometimes makes it difficult to carry out work at height. Rope Access is your solution.


Redak gives advice on working at height and its possible dangers. We advise construction companies and architectural firms on anchor points to be installed in order to be able to integrate Rope Access during construction. Solutions can be provided for safe work at height when not previously engineered. In addition to advice, we make RAMS for various industries. This abbreviation stands for the concepts of reliability, availability, maintenance, and safety.

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