Safety is key

Safety is key to everything we do. This is of utmost importance not only for our specialists but also for you as a client. All our professionals are IRATA, VCA, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and first aid certified, and we strictly adhere to the highest guidelines. All rope access assignments are carried out by a minimum of 2 IRATA specialists, with at least 1 being IRATA level 3 certified. The specialist level 3 is ultimately responsible for the execution of the assignment. The Rope Access team has the training and resources to perform scope and initiate first line rescue of the team.

We develop a thorough work plan including a job description, work instructions, and risk assessment and evaluation before each project.

Statistics show Rope Access is much safer than conventional methods as scaffolding, lifts, and safety nets. Rope access is often applied when working with a crane, suspended platform, or aerial lift is not possible.

Guidelines IRATA Work & Safety Analysis Report 

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