Advanced blade repair

Redak specialises in advanced blade repair services, covering a wide range of damages categorised from 1 to 5.
Our skilled technicians utilise cutting-edge techniques to restore structural integrity and optimise performance, minimising downtime, and maximising energy production.

Category 1

Minor damages including small cracks, minor leading edge erosion, or small cosmetic repairs.

Category 2

Moderate repairs that may affect the aerodynamics or the blade including larger cracks, deeper leading edge erosion, or minor structural repairs.

Category 3

Major repairs required for damage affecting the structural ingerity and performance of the blade including small structural cracks, substantial trailing edge damage, or delamination.

Category 4

Significant structural repairs required for severe structural damages including large-scale blade delamination, severe damage to the internal structural elements, or complex repairs to restore blade integrity.

Category 5

Extensive blade repairs requiring immediate intervention to prevent further damage to the blade, wind turbine or, surrounding area including extensive blade restoration.