Redak provides efficient and secure ground access solutions for wind turbine blade maintenance and inspection. Our expert team employs safe and reliable access methods, allowing comprehensive inspections and maintenance.


With proficiency in advanced rope access techniques, Redak offers flexible and cost-effective solutions. Our skilled technicians are trained in extensive rope access methods, enabling them to reach challenging areas safely and efficiently. This approach facilitates precise inspections, repairs, and maintenance tasks with minimal operational disruption.

Boom truck

Redak utilises specialised boom trucks for accessing higher or remote sections of wind turbines. This efficient method ensures swift and accurate inspections and repairs.

Sky climber

Redak employs sky climber access solutions, utilising cutting-edge climbing systems to access elevated sections.
Our skilled climbers comply with all safety protocols and utilise the latest equipment, enabling them to reach the most challenging locations. With sky climber access, we conduct thorough inspections and efficient maintenance procedures.